What is The Labyrinth Challenge?

The Labyrinth Challenge is the world’s biggest inflatable continuous obstacle course – consisting of 5 zones and over 34 unique challenges and obstacles.

How old do I have to be to take part on The Labyrinth Challenge?

As a general rule you must be aged 10 + to take part on the main Labyrinth Challenge due to its difficulty levels. However some events this age limit can be reduced simply by us swapping some more difficult sections for more child friendly ones. Please check with each individual event the minimum age limit. For children aged 5- 9, we have our Mini Labyrinth Challenge course, located within the Labyrinth Village which forms part of the unlimited ride wristband.

How will you be sending groups off in my time slot?

We will be sending groups of up to 4 off together every 10 seconds.

How much time do I get on The Labyrinth Challenge?

Please check with your event location for this information.

Do I need to be fit to take part?

Everyone has different abilities and levels of fitness and you must not go beyond your personal limits – The Labyrinth Challenge is designed to be a fun experience for all, however, there are many obstacles and challenges that do require  a degree of energy, stamina and agility. However, you can go at your own pace and challenges can be avoided if you do not want to do them.

The challenge is not recommended for anyone with medical conditions such as : heart problems, breathing difficulties/conditions, back, neck, joint, knee and ankle issues - either current or pre-existing, and any fractures or broken bones or has any other pre-existing medical conditions that could be aggravated, or anyone who is or is possibly pregnant. Please refer to our full terms and conditions which contains a health disclaimer.

By booking, you are deeming yourself as being fit to take part and assume the risks of doing so. Everyone takes part at their own risk and although following the strict H&S standards and rules minimises these risks , they cannot be completely eliminated.

If I am not enjoying the challenge or wish to quit, is there an easy way out?

Between every inflatable section there is a gate, which participants can exit from. There are also zone managers and staff to help and assist, should you need to leave the inflatable course. No refunds will be given if you quit The Labyrinth Challenge.

Are there any restrictions on what I can wear on The Labyrinth Challenge?

Shoes, glasses, jewellery and loose articles (wallets, mobile phones etc) must be removed before taking part in the challenge. Socks MUST be worn by all participants – No socks, No entry. Socks will be available to purchase on the day. Face paint is also prohibited.

If you have long hair it needs to be tied up, preferably in a bun style.

We operate a shoe storage area where you can leave your shoes and bags (at your own risk) whilst you complete the course. This is offered FOC.

All my friends and I want to go on together at the same time – is this possible?

It is advisable to book as a group if you want to go together. We will do our best to send you off together (or following each other if you arrive and queue in line together) and there will be staff there to help and assist throughout the day.

What can I do before the challenge / once I have completed the challenge?

At our public Tour dates

Before the challenge or once you have completed the challenge you are invited to join us in “The Village” where there will be 30 fantastic inflatables and attractions to enjoy. Your ticket includes entry into the Labyrinth Village for the entire day.

Other Events where the Labyrinth Challenge has been booked as part of another event

Please check with individual events for full details of ticketing and what may be included.

How long is the site open for?

Please refer to the individual event details for a detailed list of event timings.

My friends / family want to come along – is this possible?

Of course - there is something for everybody - just select the ticket option that suits you best. There is a spectator ticket available to purchase.

Are there food stalls and drinks stations available on site?

Food and Drink will be available to purchase within the Labyrinth Village.

How much will the additional entertainment cost?

All the inflatables and attractions within the Labyrinth Village are included in your ticket price so there are no additional entertainment costs.

Are there any changing rooms / lockers on site?

It is advised to arrive at the event ready to take part in the challenge. You will be able to leave your shoes and valuables with our check-in staff (if participating in the Labyrinth Challenge). However we cannot take any responsibility for any lost or stolen items. All items are left at your own risk.

Will I get wet or muddy, what about the weather?

The Labyrinth Challenge shall remain open in most weather conditions but not in the case of high winds, lightning or if there is a medical emergency. We do still operate in wet weather so you may get wet – the course does not involve any mud. It is recommended to bring a spare change of clothes.

Please note no refunds will be given.

Is the Labyrinth Challenge available for exclusive hire?

Yes the challenge is available for exclusive / private hire – we will be offering corporate only days whilst on tour. Any enquiries for this can be sent to labyrinth@simplythebestevents.co.uk.

How do I buy tickets?

The Labyrinth Challenge tickets can be purchased in advance from our website.

I am interested in sponsoring The Labyrinth Challenge / becoming an event partner – is this possible?

The course is available for sponsorship – there are plenty of branding opportunities. We also work with various suppliers. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor/supplier, please email your enquiry to labyrinth@simplythebestevents.co.uk

Who operates The Labyrinth Challenge?

The Labyrinth Challenge was designed, manufactured and will be toured by Simply the Best Events. Simply the Best Events are the UK’s leading event equipment supplier, we own and operate over 400 attractions in house. More information can be found by visiting www.simplythebestevents.co.uk

Is there parking available on-site?

Yes, there is parking available on site however the amount of spaces available vary venue to venue. Parking will be available on a first come first served basis. At some venues parking charges may apply (pay and display). Please refer to the event details for more information regarding a specific venue.


In the unlikely event that we have to cancel an event, an alternative date will be offered.

Is there a weight limit?

The manufacturer has stipulated there is a maximum weight limit of 120kg (18.8stone)