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All ticket options for The Labyrinth Challenge explained...


Our touring event was huge this year!

As well as the Labyrinth Challenge course we also brought along our Labyrinth Village which included 30 additional inflatable attractions as well as the hugely popular mini Labyrinth for the under 10’s!

There was something for everybody and this year we included unlimited use of all the amazing attractions (including the mini Labyrinth) with your Labyrinth Challenge ticket was proved hugely successful!

There is always food and drink available to purchase on every event meaning 1000's of people made a day of it.

The minimum age limit for the main Labyrinth Challenge is 10+ but don’t worry if your under 10 as our now famous mini Labyrinth sets up within the village for those aged 5-9.

Time slots for the Labyrinth Challenge were in one-hour sessions and guests were able to have as many goes as they could handle in this hour!! Infact the recorded record was 5 complete laps within 60 minutes!!!

We were 3 different tickets available to select from as follows;

Option One – Labyrinth Challenge Ticket £20.00

This ticket will include entry, at least one go (pre-booked one-hour time slot) on the main course and unlimited use of the village attractions throughout the event*. 10+

Option Two – Village only ticket £15.00

This ticket is for guests who are either under 10 and cannot go on the main labyrinth course or do not wish to go on the main labyrinth course but who do wish to go on the attractions in the village – as well as the mini labyrinth. This ticket gives free, unlimited goes on everything within the village suitable for your age / height.

Option Three - Under 5's ticket £5.00

This ticket is for the under 5's who aren't old enough to go on the inflatables and attractions but want to have a bounce! This ticket gives the tiny ones unlimited use of the under 5's inflatable section located within the Labyrinth Village.

Option Four – Spectator ticket £2.50

This ticket is for guests that just want to come and support or come as part of a group but don’t want to go on anything within the village.

Prices (plus booking fee where applicable)

*Please note that some inflatables and attractions located within the Labyrinth Village are age / height restricted however there is a good selection for all age / height ranges.